Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's Love Got to Do With It?

As the World turns, the microcosm called Love's Freeway is turning also. I have plunged--yeah, just like that: a dive off the high board--into a restructuring of the up-to-now three separate compartments of my creative/professional life.

With the birth of Love's Freeway last September, a triad was formed. From my work as writer, teacher, and coach in the writing world bloomed, eight years ago, Claritywork: a method of direct access to clear expression and clear direction for those stuck or confused in life. This was a logical outgrowth of eight years of a dedicated, deep-listening presence, and intuitively led guidance for writers trying to find their way to a clear, authentic expression on paper. But it was only with the addition of Love's Freeway--passion, creative expression, and vehicle for my life's mission of clearing the way and the name of Love--that it has become perfectly clear (ha!) just how related are these three "separate" worlds.

So I am stepping back and viewing the whole, viewing the three domains as integral to the whole. And what I see is calling for an integration. With the wider, more integrative view and refinement in clarity comes this revision (below) of the what and why of Love's Freeway. This blurb (pictured in its prior incarnation) accompanies every product that goes out the door.

I have said more than a few times since September, "It's not about pretty pictures. It's never been about pretty pictures."

So what is it about? And what does Love have to do with it? Well, here is my most succinct answer to those questions to date:

Love—the Life force itself—is a master of free expression. Witness the magnificence of the natural world. Countless evidences of Its perfection surround us at every moment. When we forget we too are that free, magnificent, perfect, they are there to remind us. On Love’s Freeway, by way of its words and images, we remember how well Love knows Its way, and how well It will do by us when we let It have it.

In addition to sharing this recent refinement, I'm posting this blurb also to get a pulse on it: I want to hear from you! Let's pretend that all you have to go on is the name "Love's Freeway" and that one paragraph (okay, and maybe an image or two). What understanding do you go away with? Do you get what the Freeway is? How would you talk about it to others? Alright alright: I won't load you down with questions. Suffice it to say, any feedback is welcome. Because as I said, this world-o-mine is turning in a big way and since everything's going up in the air for a few spins, like a good pizza dough, for stretching and reshaping,it's a mighty good time to have your say.

I do already know this: you will soon see some significant integrative changes between claritywork.com and lovesfreeway.com. Very exciting! (Lotsa late nights!) And come what may, I promise you a beautiful, pleasing and finely streamlined result. I promise you a more direct access to the inspiration of the Freeway. I promise you a clearer way for Love--which, after all, has everything to do with it.

Stay tuned!


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