Friday, August 31, 2007

Lovers Do Not Meet

Lovers do not meet somewhere along the way.
They're in each other's hearts from the beginning. ~Rumi

Ask me if I dreamed last night and I'll say Yes and that we spoke of tea but tea wasn't tea and you weren't you but I was me and sleeping together was anything but sleeping. You (who wasn't you) asked, "Is it too much tea?" Though you (not you) wanted more, lay back and bared, batted your big brown (I told you it wasn't you) eyes and lashes at me--who was still me, wondering if you wanted only my body after all, then.

All is brown tonight. Soft and without edges and I couldn't care less what the moon is doing and you know this isn't like me to shun the moon. And in my bones, there's snow and ice, but it's early for this. The chimney isn't swept and I've not once turned on heat and the bed is still wearing light clothes, and I know it's not a dream, all this, and wishing cannot make it so.



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