Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Book!

I've written little here this month, but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing! I wanted to take a moment, halfway through a glorious Open Studios weekend in Jamaica Plain, to announce a new release. Thanks to a promise and a deadline (not to mention, a passion), I have completed Love's Way: Reflections and Practices, and if it weren't for UPS sending it to Mississippi rather than Massachusetts (huh?), it would have been on the table today for all to page through. Nevertheless, I anxiously anticipate its arrival early next week, just in time for Open Studio #2 in Roslindale. Here's a little peek, to share what exactly it is that I'm so excited about:

Excerpted from....Love’s Way: Reflections and Practices

What do you call that force which gives rise to flower and tree, butterfly and bee, that source of all sources: all powerful, knowing? I call that force Love, capital L. And it has been clearer to me than ever, since picking up my first digital camera, that this Life Force which I call Love utterly knows what It is doing.

...We enroll in course after course and read book upon book to learn, to accumulate answers to our questions big and small. We consult professionals, experts, friends. We hope, worry, try, fail, triumph, regret, rejoice. We find our way, and then lose it. All the while, Love knows Its way, and is always, everywhere going about the business of having it, unless and until we block it.

...You might think of this book as an invitation in 25 parts, or a concerto in 25 movements. In either case, come close, listen deeply. You will hear the voice of Love Itself. You will recognize that all It wants is your consent. A simple, true Yes gains entry to Its lavish, perfect, providential kingdom.

Release date: October, 2007
Text and color plates
68 pps.

softcover: $28
SPECIAL: advance orders, $26


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