Wednesday, October 31, 2007

As October Wanes

I find myself feeling attached to October tonight. I'm not quite ready to let it go. But it will go, and all the acts I've missed in this grand, extended show which we call Autumn in New England cannot be recovered. The display continues of course, the undressing, and will very soon give way to the bare-bones sculpture of oak and maple and beech and more. Before that happens, and before these last hours of this golden month, my birth month, have
slipped away, I wanted to take pause (before the witches and goblins start ringing my bell) to thank everyone who came out for the Open Studios weekends. They were both spectacular weekends in every way, but mostly for the warm and extremely enthusiastic reception that Love's Freeway received. Many of you took something home from the tables and are right this minute keeping the Love alive wherever you are: how the thought of that thrills me! Thank you Thank you THANK you all for sharing the Love, and spreading the Love.
As I've already said in an earlier entry, it was a whirlwind of a month that I'm still absorbing, complete with the writing and publishing of Love's Way--a month that had me flying on the kind of high you've just got to come down from at some point. Yes, I have been crashing, restoring, and am almost restored. But at no point have I been anything less than deeply grateful for all the parts of this adventure.

I shared the calendar, book, bookmarks, cards and more with two gentlemen at Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA (thank you, Noah!) two weeks ago because they are considering stocking them. And as Noah pored over the calendar, oooing and ahhhing at the images there, I gushed, "How can I be surrounded by all this every day and
not be inspired?!?" --a rhetorical question of course.

It is nothing less than a grace and a privilege to be midwife to everything that is Love's Freeway, and all that it is becoming. I say that from the bottom of my heart.

There. That feels better. Bring on the goblins. And the chill winds. I am ready for it all. Happy Halloween!


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