Monday, February 23, 2009

Clearance Sale

Thanks to my dear sister and her casual comment of last November or so, I did produce a Language of Love calendar for 2009, despite my being out of the country. "I'm looking forward to the new calendar," she'd said, and I thought, "Oh-oh. What new calendar?" Then, in the spirit of anything's possible, a calendar was born.

This year's Love's Freeway calendar is a limited edition. Only sixteen exist on the planet. I'm so pleased to be enjoying the companionship of the twelve of you are sharing the Love with me all the year through, month by calendar month. For any others out there who would like to join us, you're in luck! Just three copies of this special international edition remain, and one of them can be yours--at a discounted price no less. Simply go to the Giftshop, click-click, and voila! I will dispatch your copy pronto. Thanks, and cheers from Eire!


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