Friday, March 13, 2009

Love Love and More Love

Last Fall, I instituted the monthly "Love Hug" on Love's Freeway, an acknow-
ledgment of some person, place, or event in the world that strikes me as inspiring evidence of Love having Its ever-loving way. This month, I am prompted to share three.

You may remember Tarra and Bella whom I wrote about in January. Well, not to be outdone, this feline and fawn pair have been making their way around cyberspace, threatening to kill us dead with their inarguable sweetness and cuteness! As with Tarra and Bella, this pair's uncommon friendship stands as living proof that Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and is no respecter of boundaries we might impose upon It.

A big hug and hearty thanks go out to Freeway reader Jill Sady for her photo submission, and to the Portland, ME merchant who used his storefront window to raise the Love vibration one-foot block letter by one-foot block letter.

And I just learned about Earth Hour 2009, a voluntary blackout that thousands (millions?) worldwide will stage on Saturday, March 28 between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. More than 1,189 cities and towns across 80 countries have signed on to plunge the Earth into darkness, an hour at a time, time zone by time zone, in the name of...well, I say, Light. Or in other words, Love. Hugs to every last one who has or will have a hand in this extraordinary event, this great big Love hug for the planet!


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