Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Armchair Philosophy

I sent the following to a loved one the other day; today it occurred to me to share it here.
I thought more on your comment about not [wanting to repeat] the heaven on earth moments. I say repetition is an illusion. Nothing is ever repeated or repeatable. You change, I change, the planets, the atmosphere, the particles of light, the...chemicals of the moment: it all changes, second by second. I think this is the secret of Life: to realize that all is in constant motion, even though it looks like some things rest unchanged. And [I think] the secret of happiness is to follow that change, to 'ride' it if you will. To joyfully accord with it--maybe even celebrate it. Delight in it. LIVE each new moment in full realization that This is IT - there will not be another [exactly like it]. In reality, there is nothing mundane in daily life; if we think so, it's just because we're being deaf and dumb to this constant 'turn of the wheel'.

My armchair philosophy du jour ;)
And I welcome yours, related or not.


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