Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clarity Moves the Universe

Get clear, and all else follows. The Universe moves heaven and earth--or so it might seem--to fulfill a clear intention. Why? Because the raw material, the "stuff" out of which everything in and around us is cast is like a batter waiting for a mold. Intention provides the mold, and the batter, ever ready to fulfill its purpose, pours. I tell the batter "I want a cupcake," or "I want a Madeleine," or "I want a layer cake this time," and voila! Form follows thought. Case in point, and a beautiful example of this exquisite order in Creation, is Linda's story.

Linda attended a
Clarity workshop I facilitated about a month ago. At the time, she was confused about where to live. She kept going round and round in her mind: Buy a condo? A house? Rent again? She had good reasons for each choice, which confused matters further. By the end of our three hours together, she was clear: she would rent for a year, and reconsider buying at the end of that time. One month later, all was in place--right down to all the boxes showing up for her move. She was so impressed and delighted with the results of the Clarity process, she called to thank me and to share the details.

The place was lovely: lots of light, she told me. But it needed painting, and a couple of other things. Her hesitation showed, apparently, because her prospective landlord asked her, "What...?"

"The paint...," she said.

"I can take care of that, no problem. I'll have the whole place painted before you move in. What else?"

"Well, the stove," she said. And to her amazement, the gentleman offered to take care of that as well. As to her last little niggling concerns, he replied:
"Just take 100 dollars off the rent."

Linda was amazed and pleased of course. But the Grace kept unfolding. Last month's rent? Lease? He could be loose about those too, it turned out. To top it all off, he offered to accommodate her moving in the weekend before Thanksgiving--rent free--so that she could have a peaceful holiday!

It was a deal, needless to say. And the next thing she knew, her team at work was receiving new equipment, and they offered her the empty boxes for her move. "I don't have to buy a single box!" she exclaimed.

Furthermore, she could feel the symbolism of this move, the rightness of this particular place. With its fresh paint, it is bright, warm, welcoming, and the perfect match to the new life she is opening to after a darker period, in a darker environment, marked with pain and loss.

I was thrilled for Linda, hearing her news. And when she thanked and acknowledged me, I accepted her appreciation but turned the acknowledgment right back to her. "You took the ball and ran with it," I said.

Clarity is one thing; seeing it through is another. And my understanding about how this part works brings the Bible stories about Jesus' healings to mind. Jesus was always clear about who accomplished the healing. He opened the way, and those upon whom he laid his hands walked it. "Your faith has healed you," he would say. And when the question was put to him,
"Are you the King of the Jews?"--in other words, did he have power and authority over the ruling powers--he replied similarly: "You say that I am."

The power to heal, the power to create, the power to destroy, to suffer, to rest uneasy in a swirl of confusion, the power to fail Life or to fulfill it: it is in every one of us, now and now and now. Thank you to Linda for her gorgeous reminder of this.


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