Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tracking the Wild Beast

What is it about a bowl of eggs or a field of flowers that appeals? I don't know. But it is enough for me to know that they do. They are Life speaking, or so I understand. They are the crumbs in Life's forest, markers of the way that is my Way.
"Life is always speaking:  are you listening?
I've posed this question to many a workshop participant over time. Some call this sort of listening tracking.  When I think "tracking," I think of trackers, hunters hunched and stalking their prey, in search of paw prints or scat or such.
"The Universe is here to help me get clear," says Ravi Walsh, spiritual life coach and a longtime tracker.  And Ravi suggests that the more we ask for Its help, the more help will be offered. Rilke has written so beautifully on "living the question." And with tracking, one looks and listens for answers while walking around with one's question in mind or in pocket. A partnership with Life in all Its forms is cultivated, with a posture of humility, reverence and gratitude, and the dialogue can only grow richer over time.

"Show me...," I ask, with a certain life dream or quandary or question in mind, and show me It will. It will even show me when I don't ask. It will show me by my exhaustion and by my enthusiasm; It will show me by my envy or resentment, my delight and my passion; It will show me through aches and pains, illness and wellness. There is never any mystery about where I am on my Way. I am on track, or off. I am in sync or out of sync with Life, always in the midst of countless clues to indicate where I am exactly in that alignment.
The helpers in the nonphysical collectively called Abraham and brought to us by Esther Hicks uses other words for this being in sync or out of sync:
Even though this Vortex that we speak of cannot be found on physical maps and is not indicated by physical signposts, it is a reality that exists just the same. It is your Vibrational Reality, and you can tell when you enter your Vortex by the way you feel. You can tell by the way you feel when you exit your Vortex. In fact, your personal, precise Emotional Guidance System is the only effective road map or signpost to your Vortex.
 All cooperative components to the furthermost expanded version of you have been gathered by the Law of Attraction and are held in timeless, spaceless ever readiness, for your access and utilization in your Vortex of Creation. But, if you are to become a cooperative component to your own Vortex and to all of the wonderful things that have been gathered there, you must be a Vibrational Match to your Vortex. In other words, you too must have a high frequency, and you too must be without resistance.
I know a woman with a gift for singing, a passion for kirtan. I hear as she speaks how this call-and-response chanting lights her up just as candles lit one by one will illuminate a dark room. When she talks of her her well-paying job, how she doesn't love her job even though it affords her a lot of pleasures, the light dims. She'd like to turn in "the golden handcuffs" she tells me, but she doesn't know how. I understand, and I empathize. She can't see a way to support herself singing kirtan.
"All I know," I tell her, "is there must be a way to use your voice in service to others, and a demand for that. And you just never know...: one thing leads to another."
Life takes care of her own, is all I know. And listening and following, tracking, entering our vortex--whatever we might call it--is fine evidence of that.
A friend and a client each independently tell me of a knockout business idea. Yet each hesitates. Will it succeed? Will I be able to make a living at this? Fear creeps in. And oftentimes it is enough to interrupt the following part of the equation. "Yeah, I suppose that's a clue, but I don't want to risk going after it."
What's more risky than turning our backs on the crumbs in the Forest to go off in search of money (via work) to support us?

There was a time--not so long ago, consider-
ing the span of human existence--when we did not need money. There was give and take, there was interrelation-
ship--true exchange-- between human and human, between human and earth. Somewhere along the way we must have decided as a species that money was a good idea. And maybe money was a good idea.  But even good ideas can go bad.

How is it that conscious, soulful, gifted people today are making decisions based primarily or solely upon the bottom line: how much money will I make? High school and college students are basing their courses of study--and the course of their lives--on this question. Since when?

I am speaking of an alienation of self from Source. How ironic it is that to live for the bottom line and the presumed stability it provides actually introduces instability. Only alignment with Life can offer true stability.  It behooves us to entrain ourselves to the support of Life Itself. To listen, to follow.
I have gifts, passions, natural interests, I am here to express them. I am certain nothing works as well as this. I suppose I am tracking a wild beast of sorts. To align with Life (Love) is to track my inner beast, the wildness in me, the primitive that instinctively wants to be according to its nature.
"It's easy to be," says the rock, the tree, the deep blue sea.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Show/Sale

Attention Boston-
area readers:


It was just confirmed yesterday (forgive the short notice!) that Love’s Freeway will appear in living, breathing color (cards, books, matted prints, ++... along with yours truly) at the Roslindale Farmers' Market tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Spontaneous Reiki treatments might be happening as well, $1 a minute.

Look for the "LOVE'S FREEWAY" table.
More info below.

Roslindale Farmers' Market:

When: Saturday, October 23 (this market's season ends 10/30)
Hours: 9 am- 1:30 pm (rain or shine!)
Where: Adams Park, intersection of Washington St. & Cummins Highway, Roslindale Village
What: Six farms, more than 20 vendors, live music, kids' activities, in a great community atmosphere.
Who: Produced and organized by Roslindale Village Main Street
Why: Support a local economy and enjoy shopping original arts and crafts, craft cheeses, local produce.

I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Poet, On Naming

"Everyone deserves a name of their own but no one has one. No one has had one and no one will have one. Reality beyond names is uninhab-
itable. And the reality within names is an everlasting breakdown. Meaning is not to be found within words but beyond them. These words I'm writing are searching for a meaning and that search is their authentic meaning. Meaning is not to be found within words but beyond them.

~Octavio Paz, from El Mono Gramatico

Friday, October 01, 2010

And Now, a Word from the Grape Tomato