Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tonight I Sat in an Eagle's Nest

In Decorah, there is a newborn still being as if tucked in its shell though its shell has hatched. There is a fresh hare on the nest: rabbit paw, cotton tail. There is wind, much wind, and vigilance: two more eggs and a newborn to keep warm. Then later, much much later, there is mother tucking her head down for sleep and the breathing of feathers: only the breathing of feathers.

It feels miraculous to watch, to be privy, to be intimate with the eagles in their nest. And tonight, with Japan in mind, what's going on over there, I feel keenly the purity of Nature. The perpetuity of Nature, unflappable and enduring. I feel deeply privileged and grateful for this window onto time and immortality. I feel entrusted. Responsible. Custodian. And I feel. Sure. There is nothing more important than this that I am watching: Life giving way to Life, immortal.


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