Monday, June 20, 2011

Earth Medicine

I want to know how on earth it is possible to live for this many decades without knowing that equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey mixed is one of the best cough remedies going? Apples, flowers, bees: that's a pretty direct line of defense (or attack!) if you ask me.

Check out Youtube for a playful, instructional video about this remedy and a glimpse of what it could mean for the pharmaceuticals folks. I won't connect any dots here or assert something I can't corroborate. But we're a thinking people, yes? Let's think about this. How can such a thing escape notice for so long? (I can't be the only one...) Why isn't this taught in schools? Why do we spend a bundle on medicines we can make ourselves--more naturally and perhaps more effectively--for pennies? Why indeed.

Well all that aside, thank you Google, thank you to the wonders of technology for enlightening me--in about 60 seconds flat, no less--about this no-doubt ancient cure, made simply from simple ingredients commonly found in any ordinary kitchen. I like the low carbon footprint, too.

Earth 1; Pharmacy 0. Love it. I'd like to think this a sign of the times. I'd like to think we'll all be doing a lot more "back to the Earth"-ing in the days, weeks, years to come, with untold benefit to all concerned.


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