Friday, August 12, 2011

Try This

At the top or the bottom of a staircase, put on (or take off, as the case may be) one, thin flip flop. Then descend (if at top) or climb (if at bottom) the stairs. Continue to walk a few steps beyond them.

What do you notice? It should happen rather quickly, the off kilter feeling--it did for me, anyway. And that's no big surprise, right? But notice the extent of the "tilt" feeling for a clear and immediate window into the countless anatomical and physiological elements that so flawlessly, expertly, seamlessly, come together to accomplish our uprightness and mobility at any given standing or ambling moment. After the initial sense of tilt, you might notice something happening: it will be those hidden elements made visible by way of a sort of scrambling to put you in balance, to adjust. How marvelous is this Intelligent Design!?

I find it downright awe inspiring to think of all the unsung heroes of the human body, doing their jobs so perfectly day in and day out without so much as a speck of notice, thanks, or praise. Today I give notice. Today I thank. Today I wholeheartedly praise the unnamed marvels of the everyday.


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