Friday, April 06, 2012

Let Us Pray

"Let Love have Its way," I say. "Love knows Its way: let It have it!" I say. Yet "Nature unaided fails." So stated Madame Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.

And it's true. Although it is a piano's nature to make music, and a computer search engine's nature to search and deliver results, they cannot act alone. The search engine needs parameters to search. Without a player, the piano makes no sound.

It is beautiful to watch Life express (at the impress of countless seen or unseen triggers) on Its own terms, unhindered. It is equally beautiful to sculpt It, to pour Substance into the mold of our choosing. Life provides limitless Substance for this, an undifferentiated Substance that is dumb in the way that the search engine is dumb, in the way that the piano is dumb. If we want a C, we must strike the key of C. A piano will and can only play the note of the key we strike (whether the right or wrong key)--in tune if we have maintained the instrument, out of tune if we have not.

And so it is
with prayer, and those who pray faithfully will say their prayers are always answered. They are always answered. Because to pray on something is to focus the mind--not a mind but the mind, which is to say all mind: Mind. Prayer works the way intention works, acting upon the dumb Substance, enlisting helpers to move things along.

It feels as though intention draws what we intend to us, and it does: by putting Mind into action. Intention wakes Mind up out of standby mode. I could say it puts mind inside and mind outside into action, but there is no inside and outside. There is only Mind and where it is focused. Where it is focused is the object of intent, whether or not that object is desirable to us. Maintain this focus sufficiently and the thought gives birth to itself in form. This is what has come to be called manifestation. Our thought, by way of prayer or intent, manifests in form. It pours undifferentiated Substance into the mold of our choosing, and... voila!

This process holds true for any sustained focus. It is a universal principal--a law--which, as I've explained, works impartially and impersonally. So the undercurrent of nagging fear of...whatever one is fearful of gives rise to that which one fears. The constantly critical eye yields more and more to criticize. Thoughts of lack bring more lack. The focus on wealth draws wealth. Worry breeds more to worry about. Looking for the good in people turns up...surprise surprise: lots of good people!

It is not magic, it is law, and it takes no special powers to set this law in motion. In fact, we are all using it all the time. Every minute of every day. This is why I--and Carolyn Myss and who knows how many others--say that every thought is a prayer.

So, what are you praying for today?


Blogger Amber Norgaard said...

This is beautiful, my friend. Indeed...every thought, every prayer - we are the creators of our worlds. This is such an eloquently written, enlightening post. Thank you for sharing this gift.

2:05 AM  
Blogger Kathryn Deputat said...

Thank you my dear. I know you understand this through and through. xx

10:19 AM  

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