Thursday, February 14, 2013


Much Love and 
many thanks to you
this Valentine's Day, 
and every other day.

Rich blessings,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love (v.)

Love (v.) her
him,them if
you do love her
love, do love them
while you can

Monday, February 11, 2013

Master Weaver

Spider, in image or symbol, kept crossing my path today.  I know when a creature shows up three times, Nature is trying to tell me something.  I was riding the T home tonight when the third spider appeared, embroidered onto the jacket of the man opposite me.  "Weaving," I thought, remembering the Spider medicine card.  That's fitting for my life right now.  At home, I googled around to see what else I could find about the symbolism of spider.  In the process, I stumbled upon a most astonishing video

Earlier in the day, I had been casting around in my computer in search of text that I've previously written about Love's Freeway.  I was at last establishing it as a company on LinkedIn, and they had asked me for a "Company Description."  I turned up these lines from an earlier post here (Mile Marker, published on October 11, 2006):
...I've long taken comfort and cues from Nature, which is supremely adept at giving Love its way. Nature expresses its "inherent essential beingness"...well, naturally. I've said it before: trees (noun) tree (verb). Ducks duck. The moth moths. I've never seen a moth trying to bee or bird or duck or tree. Moths moth, and that's all. And it gets even more specific of course. Monarchs monarch. Snapdragons snapdragon. Sycamores sycamore. That's all. They never stop and ask "How'm I doing?" The horsechestnut tree never inquires, "Hey, whadya think of these chestnuts? Pretty good, huh?" Because trees tree. They live outside the realm of dichotomous thought, of the duality of good or bad, right or wrong. They simply express what they're here to express, without pause and with no need for applause.

We (humans), as expressions of the Natural World, are capable of this as well, capable of living outside the realm of the duality of good and bad, right and wrong, expressing what we're here to express, without pause and with no need for applause--purely, truly. But ha ha...we forget.
Have you forgotten?  Then feast your eyes.  Be astonished along with me to observe, up close and personal, the master weaver of planet Earth at work:  watch the spider spider and remember!

Each of us has a place and is here for a reason.  This spider knows its place and its reason.  It is palpable, no?  You can feel this as you watch it weave, then rest.

Do you know your place? your purpose?  If not, why not?  Listen and you will hear it.  If all else fails, ask your inmost heart:  it knows, I assure you.  The sooner you take that place that is yours and yours alone, the better.  There's not a one of us who won't be touched by it, who won't be glad.  And you, of course, will be gladdest of all.  You will have assumed your realm to master, put yourself on the road to mastery.  You too will find yourself:  home.