Monday, April 01, 2013

Simple Gifts

Voyage to the bottom of... my window sill!  A splash of sunlight catches a pendant crystal and voila!  My scattering of sea treasures comes to life--complete with a sea-owl totem I never knew I had.  The sun moves, the color fades, but how I enjoy the magic while it lasts!  

I really need to stretch my legs, and the weather is mild.  I grab a jacket, head outdoors, and wind up and down the neighborhood streets.  I check gardens and trees:  what's sprouting, reviving, what's new.  My heart leaps when I spot a downed pussy willow limb someone has placed out by the curb as trash.  The limb is dying, would die of course, but the branch tips are still supple, the gray fur of the pussies just coming in their prime.  I kneel and snap off all the blooming branches, gathering them into a bouquet as I go.  This is one of my favorite things, giving life to the life in something living left for dead!  Back at the house, some shed branches from my beloved white pine provide greenery to fill out the space between the spindly branches.  Voila!  A late-winter centerpiece to tide me over 'til the spring flowers come.

On Easter eve my mother lands in the hospital on an emergency basis.  After a blood transfusion, she is good to go by Easter noon.  Before all this, she had asked for either
deviled eggs or colored eggs, that I make them and bring them when I come.  I decide I want to surprise her with both, and now I am even more inspired by her resurrection of sorts to do so!  I add to my bundle living hyacinth that she can sniff and enjoy to watch grow and bloom and am on my way.  It is a gorgeous spring day with bright sun and a clearing wind.  We have much to be happy about. My mother's smiles and rosy cheeks are a blessing.  I feel such gratitude to the hospital staff, there when we needed them this holiday weekend. My sister cooks for us.  I make a fancy cocktail for mom.  We toast to new life.  Nazdrovje!