Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Calendar Time!

I am pleased to announce the new Love’s Freeway calendar! 

This has been a traveling year, so prepare to experience some of the energy, beauty and enchantment of foreign lands as you traverse Love’s Freeway this coming year.  More than ever, the selection of images for this edition was guided not so much by aesthetics or excellence as by energy.  This year, I can honestly say:  this is more than a calendar; it's an energy treatment!  And I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself "companioned" by at least some of the images as you abide with them over the months as well. 

I loved creating this calendar, although it was not without some difficulty.  I could not, for example, get the permission I needed from the Navajo Nation to share a photograph (of hundreds) I took on their sacred and exquisite land in Northern Arizona.  Well, I could have gotten permission for a price, but that price was too dear for me.  This presented a challenge.  I had already designed and completed the calendar with that image in place. 

Creating this calendar each year is an involved process.  It takes a lot of time, sorting, culling, trying, failing, and eventually succeeding (to my eye) in balancing tone, color, and content across the months.  Every year I am surprised to find some of my favorite photos never make it onto its pages.  When I try to place them, I find, whatever the reason,  that they are just not calendar material. Removing a photo from the completed (but thankfully not-yet printed) calendar sent me back into the portfolio again, to pore over everything I'd been over many times.  The stakes were high.  I had already announced the first version to my mailing list, and I had promised something special.  So this replacement image had to be something special.  I would not be happy unless I could find a substitute that I liked as much or better than the photo I had to remove.  It took a while, but I found it!  I am 100% pleased with the final result. 

It's funny:  none of the 13 "finalists" were photos taken, intended for the calendar.  I realize that each, however, was distinctly born of a moment of delight, or a marvel of light, power, beauty or whimsy I was thrilled,
camera in hand, to capture.  No doubt these ended up featured proudly here because each of these moments was full of love--was love.  Each stopped me in my tracks--on the way somewhere, or in the middle of something else--and made me see. 

I present them to you with all my love.

The Love's Freeway
Language of Love 2014
12-month calendar

Exclusive images from Love's Freeway.
High-quality print on durable card stock with glossy finish. Spiral bound. Opens to a full 11"x17" and can hang on a wall, refrigerator or door with room to jot down notes and appointments. Enjoy the unique, inspiring images of Love's Freeway from the wall of your home or office all year long.  Each image is suitable for framing, should you wish to keep one (or more) on view for longer than a month.  Caveat emptor:  this product may be habit forming!

$17  (plus tax/shipping)
This is a limited edition--don’t miss out.  Get your copy today! Also:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Last Bouquet

Each of the autumn frosts takes away the flowers, bit by bit.  I hate to see them go!  I adore the riots of color that the earth pours forth throughout the growing season, colors that seem to grow even bolder come fall.  I suppose all the crisping and browning about makes it so. 

When a frost is imminent, I do what I can.  I'm delighted if I can save a flower or two or more from a certain premature death. I pick those I sense will be lost. 
I've done this a few times this fall.  I think I'm beholding my last bouquet, and then I find more.  

All of the flowers pictured have survived a few frosts now.  "Not just yet, not so fast," they seem to say--my heros, not so fragile after all!--and speckle the landscape with their vivid colors slightly longer.  "Now that's a will to live," I marvel. 

I gather one here, one there.  Another frost or two will take them all.