Sunday, December 21, 2014

Simple Gifts

As promised to calendar holders. I've written the story behind each month's calendar photo this year.

I was rushing, as I recall.  Well, not exactly rushing, but on my way to some-
thing, getting from here to there.  Still, I caught a glimpse in passing of the snow that had collected, adorned so elegantly my front-porch basket of red and greens (in lieu of wreath).  

 I was already indoors, but that glimpse pulled me back outdoors.  I took two steps backward to take in the beauty full on, and that changed my direction.  Wherever I had been going was instantly usurped by this moment of pause, and thoughts of the camera.  

Simple beauty captures and inspires me.  What possesses me to grab a camera to record this beauty I still do not know, but something does possess me.  And then, if I'm "lucky," there it is.  An imprint, a likeness--more than a likeness:  the life force of the "thing" itself--is preserved in time.  My arrangement: the ribbons and the fresh, found greens and berries in the rescued half basket (a cemetery discard) were a gift.  The snow was a gift.  The camera is a gift.  The leap in the heart:  what a gift.  

May you be blessed with many such gifts throughout this magical season.