Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alive and Well

I have been too many months away from this column:  silent, by all appearances.  First because I was intent on at last finishing a book that I have been writing for some time now.  I was going to post in April to explain, to say, "I'm here, but I'm giving all my writing time and focus to this book project..." and then, subsequently, announce it official birth:  "ta dah!"  But then my mother, who had been in recent years inching closer to the end of her life, started her dying process in earnest.  The book project--yet again--got sidelined.  I had a more urgent demand on my focus, time and energy, psychic and otherwise. 

My mother lifted off in mid-July.  We celebrated her at a Funeral Mass on July 31.  Since then, I have been, in a word, recovering.  Restoring. 

I regret having been away so long.  But here I am, back again, and happily so.  Of course, I never left, really:  life is for living.  The journey along Love's Freeway continues whether or not I am writing about it. 

It has been a full, rich, beautiful, challenging, and life-changing year.  To share none of it 'in actual time' feels wrong.  So I've chosen to share from the silent months belatedly, with a retroactive post per month, January to October--images, mainly.  Because I feel it's never too late to share Beauty.  It's never too late to share Love.


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