Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Ultimate Calendar

It's that time again to announce the new Language of Love Calendar - the last, in this case, of a 12-year series!  This final calendar features some very special highlights of my travels along Love's Freeway.  Its images range from Jamaica to Jamaica Plain, with a nod to the Land of Cotton (Alabama) in between.  It is my pleasure to share them with you.

The Love's Freeway
Language of Love 2019

12-month calendar

featuring 13 Exclusive images from Love's Freeway.

High-quality print on durable card stock with glossy finish. Spiral bound. Opens to a  full 11"x17" and can hang on a wall, refrigerator or door with room to jot down notes and appointments. Enjoy the unique, inspiring images of  Love's Freeway from the wall of your home or office all year long.
Each image is suitable for framing, should you  wish to keep one (or  more) on view for longer than a month.

$17  (plus tax/shipping)

Get your copy today!

Wishing you  and yours well in the New Year 2019!