Friday, February 09, 2007


Damn, if that girl hasn't done it again. Looking for a little evidence that Love's having Its way? Read my lips: just buy it! Buy several and share the wealth with family, friends, lovers. Feast your ears on the art and soul of Patty Griffin--the consummate performing artist, in my book. Her gift will lift you up--promise. Of the music on Children Running Through, she said, "I just wanted to write from the heart and let it be." This new release is dedicated to (grandmother?) Imelda Martin, of whom Patty acknowledges, "The singing started with you."

May the singing never end.

If that isn't evidence enough, The Secret is now freely available for your viewing pleasure, at your convenience, in the comfort of your very own easy chair: thank you, Google Video!

And then there is this young plant, making its way on the face of a tall, broad, otherwise barren Jamaica Plain stone wall, teased out by sun, not at all daunted by a prevailing February freeze.

Love is alive--"Hallelujah."


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