Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Dakota is situated on South William Street and is perhaps one of the coolest pubs in Dublin. Lighting is dimmed down inside and with the top class music that is played this gives a chilled out atmosphere. The bar is long and you're never waiting long to be served by the cheerful barstaff. Pints are lovely and are not priced as bad as would be expected. It is very spacious and even though it does get crowded its layout ensures it never gets cramped. Also, has a small outdoor seating area in the front for those hot summer days (and smokers). Trendy and stylish, Dakota is well worth a visit as it manages to carry it off unlike some pubs.

Opening my mail this morning I find this enticement and think, "I've got to stop torturing myself with these and unsubscribe." In a few days, in a favorite section of the City, there'll be a Meetup of new found Dublin friends, and (being that I'm 3000 miles away) I'm going to miss it. Pang. Pang.

Hey, I know these pangs. They are not so different than those one feels after a lost love. Ohh... this... would be... so... lovely... I want to go, I am drawn to go, I envision the enjoyment I would experience, the sights I would see were I to go, but I can't go. Now there's a recipe for torture, no?

Yes, and no. Because after the pang comes the clear view, the truth behind it, its cause: this is a city I loved, a life I loved. This is a city and a life I shall continue to love. Each invitation rouses that fondness. And I ask myself: what's so bad about that? Surely there are worse things than being filled with love!

Unsubscribe? On second thought, I'd rather not.


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