Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Going on two years ago, I created a book called Love's Way: Reflections and Practices. The impetus to write it was my wanting to tell some of the stories behind the images of Love's Freeway. As the work unfolded, I saw that what I was creating was an invitation in 70 pages for readers to follow Love's way.

The book is an extension of the Love that I am to anyone who wants it. When someone does want it and benefits from it, I am overjoyed. Imagine my delight when I opened to this note from a writer-colleague (and former student and client) last week:

The other thing is - your book - Love's Way. It is my bible I'm a little embarrassed to admit, I mean, I hate to be a disciple of anyone. But I take it with me as a security blanket when I travel, keep it in my purse, etc.

Last night I was set up romantically down at my friend’s farm. The guy joined our party and I really liked him and began to get nervous. I was talking to him and this other really smart guy and I made a word up without realizing which completely freaked me out. I think the word was 'rectoring' -maybe I meant 'rectifying' - so later when we went on a group walk to observe fireflies, I informed the group that I was gonna head back to make the ice cream. But really I needed to escape cause anxiety was hitting. So I got back to the house and read a page of your book.

It was "the Curl" that I randomly opened to (and speaking of which, your whole book is now 'a curl' - it is very worn and warped and the back page got ripped off from being in my purse but I digress). So I began to read it and thought "oh God, I'm not in the mood for Kathryn getting so mushy - talking about "fates" and "oh it must have all been divinely organized", etc. Usually I love it when you bring up that concept, but last night I was especially hard to persuade.

But it restored me anyhow to some sort of normalcy and maybe hopefulness, I held out just enuf - enuf to conduct a lovely conversation with the guy until 1 in the morning with my head swimming with possibilities. That is very unusual for me, I usually run and hide in those kinds of set-ups. So thank you. I mean it.
Mission accomplished! I am happy for D, happy for the new guy, and happy for Love. Love, 1; Fear 0: thanks, D, for tipping the scale in Love's favor. There isn't a one of us who doesn't benefit from that!

P.S. - By the way, f you'd like to have a copy of your own, you can get one here.


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