Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love Strikes Again

Normally I aim toward variation when illus-
trating a long entry here. I try to mix colors, textures, content--all the while maintaining some relationship with the text. Sometimes I try multiple images before finding ones that fit. What makes one fit as opposed to another I can't always say, but I wait for the intuitive
Yes! and know it when it comes.

When I posted Love and Forgiveness earlier this month, I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the images: lots of blues and greens. Curious, I thought. That's heart and throat, if I'm not mistaken. I was thinking of the colors associated with the chakras. I looked up chakras and sure enough, I was right. I could hardly believe my eyes, however, when I read further:

BLUE - throat. The ability to verbalize. Expressing truth through the power of the spoken word.

GREEN - heart. Soul/heart consciousness. Expressing love in action.

"Love strikes again!" I thought. Those colors were indeed the perfect match for what I had written, though I hadn't chosen them consciously. Love chose them for me--and well! I marveled at this as I shut down the computer for the night.

I know that Love knows Its way. I know that listening and following It never steers me wrong. But to see such precision, such elegance in such graceful motion is still remarkable to me. May it always be so!


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