Friday, July 30, 2010

Recipe for Delight

It seems I've flipped for flax seed. I'm sprinkling it on just about everything these days. Very tasty--and rich in Omega-3's too. Here's a variation on a theme (see "Yumm!") that features them nicely--good for the eye and the palate.

3-4 different fresh, ripe fruits of preference
granola of choice
golden flax seed
pepitas (shelled unsalted pumpkin seeds)

Cut up fruit if necessary. Layer ingredients in order listed, quantity to taste. For enhanced flavor and nutritional value, finish with a sprinkle of blue solar water, then Reiki (or gaze upon adoringly) for a minute. Serve.

Serving suggestion:

Enjoy on sun-drenched terrasse in the company of jasmine and belle de jour. A seaside bike ride is the perfect chaser for this refreshing summer breakfast.


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