Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello September

Thanks to listening to and following a pull to go yesterday, I am renewed and refreshed today by the inescapable, palpable magic of Walden Pond. Walden is a very special place with a distinct, special energy--and wood faeries galore no doubt--that infuses the moments spent there.

I went there to swim. My first and longest swim led me surprise to vacant stone steps in the sun on the far shore. Anyone who knows Walden knows how rare it is to find one of these prime spots unoccupied on a hot summer day. What a gift! And it happened to be the very spot where I'd spent good time with a good friend not so very long ago. Here I was again creating another memorable moment on that spot.

I sat and basked awhile, soaking up the sun (I had set up in a shady spot on the opposite shore). After awhile, I felt moved to do some Reiki, so I did. How luxurious it was to send and receive this energy while seated on this solid, sun-drenched stone, half in and half out of the velvety water, against the gentle sounds of the strokes of distant swimmers and of dragonfly wings about me.

I felt royal. The whole swim and pause had an aura about it. Almost a destined feeling, as though it had all been designed for me. That royal feeling continued riding home.

When I passed the "Pick Your Own Flower Garden" on the way over, I made a mental note to stop on the ride back. It's been there forever, but for some reason I haven't stopped in years. I was looking forward to it: a fresh bouquet, plucked by my own hands! Then I had second thoughts: wouldn't they wilt on the ride home? I remembered my travel cup in the car. I never finished the water in it. That last inch would be the difference between a perky bouquet and a limp one. Great! I could make a second stop I wanted to make with a free mind Dairy Joy, here I come! The Javaberry soft serve, accompanied by fresh flowers, was just plain yumm.

I set out here to write about the flow of all this, of one afternoon, how sweet and smooth was the wandering from one delight to the next to the next: each its own sort of call
Come here, come here, each for its own sake. But that flow moves still, today. I pick up the camera, take it to my bouquet and start snapping. One thing leads to the next. I discover a flower I did not even know I had picked; it rode in on the stem of another. I feel the Life Force so powerfully and intimately in these flowers. I feel a very small part of something very very large and extraordinary, and I feel privileged to behold them for a time.

And in walks September, and I realize: how perfect that they accompany me on this anniversary day, as I say:

Happy Birthday, Love's Freeway!

I had totally forgotten! But it seems Love did not. She nudged me along at every turn, putting gift after gift--this bright, bold, beautiful carnival--into my hands. And happily onward I go into another year singing Her praise, gratefully, thankfully singing my heart's true song.


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