Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Lost Episode

Way back in March--wow, almost a year ago!--I shared here about my television appearance with Michael Koran on AHAH! What I didn't say then was that the show in the time slot that follows AHAH! was not filming that night because the host was sick, and that this gave Michael and I the option (with encouragement from said absentee host) to continue for another half hour. And we did! So "Love's Freeway meets AHAH! Part Two" was created. When CCTV put the shows up on the web, Part Two wasn't functioning properly, so I refrained from announcing it. Michael said he'd see about getting it fixed. I made a mental note to check on it later, then moved on to other things

Well, "later" has turned out to be now, in the middle of January of 2011. I just watched the show for the first time...and I like it! I am pleased to share it with you now--in perfect timing, of course :).

In this 26-minute show, we discuss:
~What Love is and isn’t
~Getting unstuck
~Tips and techniques for finding your own answers
~How Claritywork works
~How Life speaks to us
and more! I hope you'll tune in, and if you do, I hope you find it time well spent.


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