Thursday, January 27, 2011


In recent weeks, I've been learning extraordinary things about energy, with grateful thanks to a gifted clairvoyant and man of many talents named Walter Ness, and to Linda Clave, also clairvoyant and a woman of many talents--and with thanks as well to a few other of their "students." That said, I can hear Walter say we're "students of the energy" versus students of theirs, that it's the energy that teaches us. We just have to engage it.

We have been meeting in various configurations--one on one and in groups--to engage the energy, with powerful results. Big things are happening--many big things. And many "little" things that are actually big as well in their consequences and implications. Like, for example, what happened at the pool yesterday. Something Jon shared the other night when he and Walter and I met evidently prompted me to try an experiment. I was so pleased with the result, that I wrote to share about it with them:
I was stretching after swimming laps today and it occurred to me (thank you, Jon) to stretch from the peaceful place (being there, vs. wherever else my consciousness/attn/
energy is when I’m stretching), so I did and the stretch felt like it just kept going! I felt like I had the flexibility of a child (read LOTS), and tensions, tightness instantly disappeared: suddenly I had none. It occurred to me this is because my current tension, aches, tightness do not exist in the peaceful place. It felt like I’d entered a space that was “story” free, i.e., without any life baggage. I don’t know if you know what I mean, if I’m describing this well, but suffice it to say, it was wonderful, fantastic, and eye opening. Thank you!

It's one thing to talk about Love's way, and it's another thing to experience it--and in a new way. To see conditions disappear in a split second like that, simply from moving the location (yes, location) of my consciousness from one place to another, rather amazed and excited me.

"You mean I don't have to meditate on a mountaintop for 100 days (or years) to attain samadhi?"
That's right.

A few months ago, I learned from Walter--in about 3 minutes, from a radio show about Neuroplasticity--how to access this "peaceful place" as he calls it, located in the center of the brain. Language is tricky. I say it's a place and it is a place, but it is also a being-state. With energy and awareness located in this peaceful place, I am ever present, still, unflappable. I am not concerned, not sad, not enthralled. Neither am I impressed or unimpressed--with myself or with anyone or anything else. That "I" is tricky too. Because "I" am not "I" there, exactly. And stretching from the peaceful place, I was not "me stretching," so much as I was the act of stretching: I was what "stretching" gets to do in a human body when there is no story, no baggage, no weight.

Jon responded to my note about my discovery by sharing a similar story:

I understand what you mean by "story free." One winter's day I had returned home after being in Vermont for the weekend. It had been snowing all weekend so there was a lot of shoveling for me to do before even being able to pull the car into the driveway or enter the house. My body was sore from the car ride and I felt even worse in my lower back when I started to shovel. For some reason (and I don't know how or why - this was before I knew about interacting with the energy or meeting Walter) I saw the events leading up to the pain in my body as a story I was telling myself like the story was a cage that was keeping in the pain. I stopped judging and qualifying this pain and became very in tune with the present moment and my present body sensations The cage opened up and the pain freely escaped as a caged wild animal would do if you gave it its freedom. I felt healthy and able and shoveled snow for about 2 hours. I didn't get hurt or feel sore later or the next day. My body responded to my mind in a miraculous way!

I can attest: these "story-free" moments do feel miraculous when they happen. But actually, they are the natural consequence of engaging simple techniques. Activating the peaceful place and acting or responding from this dynamic still point is one such technique.

This place-state is present in and accessible to each and every one of us. And by following a few simple instructions, anyone can reach it, almost instantly. Don't overlook the powerful implications of this! Learning to direct one's energy-awareness to one location opens up the possibility of directing it to any location. I have learned, for example, to listen from my ear lobe, from my elbow, from my heel to preserve energy at times when it previously would have been drained. I have learned to locate energy-awareness in my cat or my client or my friend for diagnosis, understanding, direction and vision. I have located it in other dimensions, with enormous benefit to the here-and-now. And I have only just begun.

This energy is ever ready, able, and willing to serve. To engage it is to engage limitless possibilities: its domain is infinite.

Sounds like Love to me.


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