Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Stream of Joy

Last Saturday, Victor Venckus returned during his "Expanding Aware-
ness" hour on WZBC radio to Deepak Chopra's The Book of Secrets, which I wrote about here on January 30. Tune in to this "Part 2" archived recording if you would like to enjoy an articulate, loving reminder of how moment by moment, choice by choice we are the creators of our lives--that's good news, remember?--and to hear practical tips for freeing the chooser (us!) to create freely from a context of unlimited possibility.

"Free your mind," says Chopra, "and you will be greeted by a stream of joy...[that] is elemental and unshakable."

If that sounds appealing, have a listen. But as with Part 1 (which will come down on February 12), don't dally getting to it! This recording will disappear from the archive on February 19.*

Once you've entered the archive, scroll down to February 5, 10:00 a.m., then click on LISTEN. Note: the show begins at about minute 3, after a prelude of instrumental music. Note also that this show continues into a portion of the 11:00 hour as well.

Chopra offers wonderful tools to help listeners "align with the forces and principles of the Universe"--or, in other words, to let Love have Its way.

*beyond that time, look for the book or audiobook in your local library or favorite bookstore.

*******************UPDATE 3/14/11**********************
Tune in (as per the above) between now and March 25 (click on March 12, 10:00 show) for the third and final segment of this audiobook, covering:

Secret #12: There is No Time But Now
Secret #13: You Are Truly Free When You Are Not A Person
Secret #14: The Meaning of Life is Everything
Secret #15: Everything is Pure Essence


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