Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Blame

It is important to realize that in the world of energy, likes, not opposites, attract. If my boundaries aren't clear for example, I vibrate the energy pattern "I have wiggly boundaries," and should not be surprised when people step over them. The energy is "dumb," and that's important to remember as well.

"This horrible thing happened to me: you should have compassion!" one might cry, as if such things happen at random. Such things happen because energy is reading energy all the time, matching with what it matches and bypassing what it doesn't match. The so-called "law of attraction" is not personal; it simply does what it does, without playing favorites and without exceptions. Still, some jump to blame at hearing this:

"You're saying I attracted that?!"

Did [yesterday's Reiki] client attract his broken arm? Did he want his mother to break his arm? No. He did not want his arm broken, and he did not attract the injury. But his arm did, his energy did, unbeknownst to him. Clearing that [longstanding energy pattern], he is free from drawing injury to it again.

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