Friday, March 15, 2013

White on White

It is already March, and despite heavy snows being dumped upon them storm after storm, the snowdrops--a living, breathing embodiment of resurrection if ever there was one--have been fearlessly, mightily blooming in my garden since early February.  Amidst all this white on white, I am suddenly reminded of January's paperwhites, the experiment I wrote of here, and realizing that I never did share the conclusion of that story.

Well, here it is:  Yes!  There were flowers in there!  And it's like a wedding when they come, when they burst forth, pure, fresh-faced and all but dancing on those tall, tender-sturdy stalks.  Their spicy fragrance announces them, and scents the rooms with spring until they fade.

And fading they are now.  But here on Love's Freeway, their gifts of grace and beauty shall live on.


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